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I wish my morning started with an anime opening

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the GazettE PVs

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RR055‖ Reita [requested: 1/3]

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『Future Fish』

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  • Ruki: I’m so extremely disappointed at the iPhone6. I’m feeling lost.
  • Ruki: no, it’s just my personal opinion, but when I was holding it, the roundness and hugeness of this delicate body, I just felt like 'hmmm'. I’ll buy it some day but I guess it won’t get any smaller, huh.
  • Ruki: somehow it seems like people who were using androids or other smart phones are not feeling uncomfortable at all!
  • Ruki: the fact that holding it in one hand is kinda painful is not smart at all, is it now (´._.ˋ)
  • Ruki: alright, I’ll have Reita let me touch his again.
  • Ruki: an ok smartphone = I know it’s not about the shape (lol) but I was only holding it.


paint me like one of your studio ghibli background sceneries

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Panic! At The Disco - This Is Halloween
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This Is Halloween - Panic! At The Disco

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i need to lie down

*is already laying down*

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Rui of SCREW and his iPhone 6 woes.

So did any one of you get the new iPhone 6 during the launch on Sept. 19th? Rui of SCREW did. On the morning of Sept. 19th at 7:42 am (JST), Rui posted a photo of the new iPhone 6 on his Instagram account, greeting everyone “Good morning”. From that photo, I would assume he was collecting his new phone.

A few minutes later, at 8:04 am (JST), Rui tweeted a photo of his new iPhone 6 with a broken screen. Rui wrote in his Twitter This is not boasting, but I think I am the first guy who broke the screen of Japan’s 1st unit of iPhone 6.”

His tweet garnered a massive retweets and favourites. Fellow Jrockers like HISASHI of GLAY, Mizuki of Sadie, Jui of GOTCHAROCKA, SARSHI of HERO, Yui and Haku of UNiTE. also responded to his tweet.

Awww…poor Rui. Hope he can get the screen replaced.

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  • Ruki: I was truly troubled. Let’s make it a 6plus.
  • Ruki: no, but like.. maybe I should just get the normal one. then again, it also seems like it’s gonna break, you know.
Please expect a next world tour!
See you also always.
Thanks all 6guns.

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