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"We’ve got our own style and do our own kind of music. We do not want to be put into categories or compared to others all the time." 

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Being part of the group means being part of the group hugs.

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that tension between u and the other youth in the manga/anime section of a public store

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  • getting ready for school in the morning: sits on my bed without a shirt on for 10 minutes thinking about how much I hate school


On the other end of the telephone receiver there was one shadow that very carefully, created an alibi

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I promised @thenekoyuki a drawing of #Reita I started it in my break so here he is and I hope she likes this little thingy #thegazette #drawing

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kids these days with their deer in gray and the gazelle

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For years people have been saying they can help me get better. Nothing’s worked. I need to figure this out on my own.

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make me choose
 anonymous asked: aoi or uruha

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I went through years worth of my archives to find this please watch 


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